The Effects of Ultraviolet Light on Fresh Meat

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One of the most common choices for supermarket meat display lighting is ultraviolet light. UV lights are not to be mistaken with fluorescent lights which are different because of the presence of phosphor. Another key feature that separates UV lights from fluorescent lights is the unique glass construction in UV lights that are placed there to maximize the emission of ultraviolet energy.

Why ultraviolet lights are used in meat display cases

UV lights that are installed in meat display cases serve a very specific purpose. To understand this purpose, you need to know the importance of increasing the shelf life of meat in a supermarket or a deli. The last thing that the owner of a retail food outlet that sells meat would want is to see his or her produce going bad prematurely. This would result in heavy financial losses over time. Meat is one such type of food that can get spoiled and even start rotting in a very short amount of time if it is not preserved properly and if it is exposed to certain unfavorable conditions. To avoid spoilage of meat, grocery store owners install UV lights in the meat display cases.

Ultraviolet lights have a particular range of wavelength which is extremely effective in killing off or causing severe damage to microorganisms. The growth of microorganisms such as bacteria is what leads to meat getting spoiled and going bad. Therefore, the UV lights are installed in the grocery meat display cases or used in deli display case lighting in a bid to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The more intense the UV light is, the better will be its performance in impeding the growth and survival of bacteria on the meat.

If deli or grocery store meat can be kept free from bacteria, then the probability of the meat staying fresh for an extended period of time will be drastically increased.

Discoloration and ultraviolet lighting

Ultraviolet lights are not the ultimate solution when it comes to meat display case lighting. UV lights can have a negative impact on the quality of the food. For example, the use of UV lights can have detrimental effects on the color of the meat. When meat loses its attractive, bright red color, shoppers are dissuaded from buying that product. The loss of color is synonymous with loss of freshness. In other words, the use of UV lights can reduce the retail display life of meat.

Alternatives to ultraviolet lighting

When it comes to fresh meat display case lighting there are plenty of options available for supermarket managers. Among them, the use of food safe lighting in the form of specialized merchandising lamps is the one choice that makes the most sense. For example, if you decide to use Promolux full spectrum lamps for meat display lighting, then you can be assured that the shelf life of your meat will not suffer.

All About Spectrum Lighting

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Balanced spectrum lighting is what sets Promolux apart from the competition. But what exactly is spectrum lighting? How exactly does balanced spectrum lighting make Promolux’s lighting equipment great? Light is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye. Light is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we consider to be “visual light”.

What is the electromagnetic spectrum?

The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all frequencies and wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. This can be very low energy frequency such as radio waves; or radiation with very high-energy frequencies such as gamma rays, which are emitted during nuclear explosions. Sunlight is an example of full-spectrum light. Sunlight includes the range of wavelengths necessary to sustain life on Earth: infrared, visible and ultraviolet. The human eye can only detect the visible aspect.

Visible lighting

Lying between infrared and ultraviolet radiation is the visible light component. Visible light consists of the spectrum of seven color bands. This spectrum is produced when visible light goes through a prism. These seven color bands are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet: the colors of a rainbow. Promolux uses this technology to achieve a true color display for all of the buyer’s commercial lighting needs.

What is “true color” and how does spectrum lighting benefit Promolux?

True color is the specification of the color of a pixel in a color display using a 24-bit value. This 24-bit color display allows the possibility of up to 16,777,216 possible colors. The amount of bits that a pixel’s color shade uses is defined as its bit-depth. True color is often called 24-bit color. Promolux achieves a true color display through a balanced light spectrum. Promolux lamps have more of a balanced visible spectrum than other fluorescent lamps, which gives Promolux lighting an edge over other companies. Promolux’s advantage is that any food display case that is lit with Promolux products will be elevated to its highest visual potential. Promolux also limits the amount of ultraviolet radiation that impacts your lit goods, meaning that your stock will not experience harmful deterioration as quickly as it would with full spectrum lighting.

Light is a key component to everyday essentials. The balance of light spectrum can help or hurt grocery stock. Promolux’s ability to create well-balanced spectrum lighting is what sets it apart from the competition.

Top 3 Must-have Sections in a Supermarket

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When running a supermarket, you can have increased food safety by using Promolux lamps. These LED and fluorescent lamps can be mounted in different major sections within the supermarket. In order to have increased traffic into your supermarket, you need to put in place sections for consumable goods. The sections should be fully stocked with foodstuffs that sustain households. Apart from the fresh consumable products, you need to have a gift section whereby the customers can pick gifts for their loved ones. This creates a great shopping experience for customers as they can get all the essential products they need in your supermarket. Depending on your business plan, you can have varying sections in the supermarket. However, below are several a must-have sections to keep customer traffic high all the times.

Deli and bakery section

Deli and bakery sections provide hot and fresh products to customers. You can choose to have the deli and bakery in one extended section or two separate sections for hot foods. In the deli sub-section, make deli meat and varying types of cheese available. In this section, you can have fresh sandwiches and food assortments for takeaways. On the other hand, create a bakery sub-section, for fresh hot oven baked items. Ensure that you have a wide variety of cookies, bread and different sized cakes. Investing in experienced chefs is essential for quality daily made fresh products. To increase the sales, provide weekly specials with attractive offers as well as the themed displays for festive seasons. Note that installing Promolux bakery display case lighting makes the displayed products appear fresh and simply irresistible.

Dairy and frozen products section

The dairy and frozen products section is important for essential food substances supply to customers. Dairy products such as milk and other related products require low temperatures to remain fresh for longer periods of time. In the same way, frozen products like ice cream, require ice displays to prevent melting. Therefore, you can create a sub-section for dairy products that do not need to be keep frozen and another sub-section for frozen food substances next to each other. In the dairy section, you can have organic fat free products to communicate to your customers that you care about their health. Use Promolux dairy display case lighting to reduce energy consumption while keeping the products fresh and attractively displayed.

Meat and fresh produce section

When you create meat and produce display sections in the same corner, you make it easy for customers to access the products. Also, this increases sales through impulse buying as the customers in need of meat are likely to pick fruits or vegetables that they had not planned to buy in the first place. The produce section should be divided into two, one side for fresh vegetables and the other for fruits. The section should have a cooling system to prolong the shelf life of the products. In the meat section, you should have a refrigerator designed with a glass display case. Use of Promolux meat display lighting keeps your meat fresh for extended periods.

Supermarket Seafood Display Ideas

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Promolux’s LED supermarket food display lighting options make it possible to stock fresh seafood for longer periods in the supermarket. Having seafood on sale in your supermarket enhances the shopping experience of the customers as they can get all household products under one roof. However, you need a well planned display strategy that promotes sales of your seafood while always keeping them fresh. Seafood products are sensitive to heat and contamination as they are highly perishable. You can build the reputation of your supermarket by displaying the seafood products in an attractive and hygienic manner that keeps your clients coming back for more. Here are some display ideas that make seafood a fast moving commodity in your supermarket.

Display in a cold bin

In order to make great sales from seafood products, display them in a cold bin. Remember that for fish to sell, it must look and smell fresh. Therefore, arrange the fish in layers but making part of every fish visible. Placing fish in a cold display bin is not enough, as you need to regulate the temperature not to rise above the required levels. An increase in temperature can be caused by use of the wrong lighting system that generates heat. When the temperature goes slightly high, warmth in the display bin increases encouraging bacterial growth. This makes the fish in the display bins develop an undesirable odor and start decaying. To avoid this, it is advisable to install a Promolux deli display case lighting system as the lights emit less heat that does not impact on the needed temperature in the display bins.

Arrange by color

Mixing all colors of seafood in one bin makes the display quite disorganized. Avoid the obvious way of displaying seafood according to the types and adopt a more unique method of displaying them by color. In this case, arrange the seafood with the same color partially layered up one after the other and then create a beautiful transition with another color. You can alternate dull colors with bright ones while creating a pattern. To crown your display, illumine the bins with lights to make each color prominent. The choice of a lighting system is important as some lights may cause a color change in the seafood, making them appear less fresh. A seafood display case lighting system using Promolux LEDs is highly recommended for an attractive bright colored and fresh looking seafood display.

Create varying dimensions

Piling up all the seafood products in one corner of the display case and leaving the rest of space empty will put customers off. Therefore, utilize all the space available in the case to spread the products fully. Here, create the banner effect by filling the display case with abundantly spread products. If the display case has shelves, use them to develop varying dimensions while still retaining the arrangement by the color method. In this case, you can have lighter colored seafood products on the upper shelves while the dark colored ones occupy the lower shelves. Supply adequate light to improve the appearance of the fish in the display case. Prolonged freshness is achieved by ensuring seafood shelf life extension using Promolux LED display lights.

Holiday Promotional Tips for Supermarkets

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Reliable supermarket showcase lighting is an essential promotional tool in a supermarket during any given holiday. Holidays create an opportunity for huge sales as families celebrate and have fun. It is true that competition from other supermarkets and retail stores is usually high during festive seasons. However, you can rise above the present competition by making use of aggressive promotional strategies aimed at increasing sales. In fact, sales made during prolonged festive seasons such as Christmas and Easter can transform your standalone supermarket into a well established supermarket chain. Make every holiday a huge profit making season through the following promotional tips.

Prepare a special item section

Preparing a special item section within the supermarket is a viable promotional idea. This works perfectly for holiday seasons whose celebrations spread over a couple of weeks. First, you need to monitor the trends in order to identify the items that the target community prefers to have for a fun filled celebration. Carrying out a survey a few months before the festive season is highly encouraged. Once you have identified the items, prepare a section for them within the store. For example, you can choose to have some shelves for special toys, family wear, special cookies and drinks all in one section. Once the section is complete, have it labeled and decorated to suit the holiday theme. Here, the use of Promolux LED display case lighting helps in driving traffic towards this particular section while keeping energy consumption low.

Use exterior promotional elements

Exterior promotional elements refer to the decorations and special product display to be viewed from the outside. The aim of having special product displays and decorations that are visible meters away from the supermarket is to attract new customers and inform the regular customer what is new. Decorations done with twinkling lights are ideal and unfortunately every other store is likely to use the same. The secret here is to think outside the box and come up with a unique artistic design that communicates the message to all in an enticing manner. You can make few attractive products that are essential during the holiday season visible through the glass on the front store wall with an offer attached to it. However, ensure that the products on offer have a wide profit margin. An energy efficient LED lighting system is ideal for exterior promotional elements display for enhanced visibility at low power consumption rate.

Encourage impulse buying

Customers are prone to impulse buying during holiday seasons. As a supermarket owner, you need to benefit fully from this customer’s seasonal weakness by making plans to encourage more buying. There are several ways of encouraging impulse buying for increased sales such as:

Specific amount target vouchers

Give vouchers to customers who make purchases worth a certain amount of money. For example, you can give a voucher for free wine or cake worth an attractive amount of money for purchases above $X. This encourages buyers to spend more to get a voucher for a free item.

Display bins with special items

Place display bins with packs of combined special items required for cerebration.  Sell each pack of items at a single price that helps customers to spend slightly less while ensuring that you make profit. Illuminate the bins with Promolux LED lighting for display cases.

How to set up a Supermarket Fresh Juice Corner

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Selling fresh juice is a business that most supermarket owners dread venturing into as the juice is perishable. However, this is a business venture that brings good profit returns, hence boosting over all supermarket performance. People are much aware of the health benefits of fresh juice without additives such as color, preservatives and flavors. You can make fresh juice with the quantity depending on the demand. You can easily introduce this unique business of fresh juice in your supermarket through the following steps.

Identify the niche

There are different fresh juices niches that you can prepare and sell in your supermarket. You can decide to settle for any of the following niches:

  • Bottled juices
  • Energy juice
  • Juice smoothies
  • Organic juices

Once you have identified the niche, draw up a solid business plan and come up with a brand that identifies with your supermarket. In this case, prepare a practical juice marketing strategy that will help to create awareness of the existence of the new fresh juice brand to the regular and new customers. In the business plan, include a budget for food safe lighting as it will be required for juice display purposes.

Identify reliable fruit vendors

If you have been running a grocery store in the supermarket, you can still rely on your existing vendors. However, you may need to identify new vendors to increase the variety of fruits depending on the fresh juice flavors you want to make. At this point, contact the fruit suppliers to gather information on the availability of different type of fruits depending on their specific season. This information is vital in preparing recipes and making customers aware of when a certain juice flavor is available and the alternatives. Identifying local fruit suppliers help in saving on transportation expenditures while reducing the chances of receiving less fresh fruits. Arrange for timely delivery of fruits and prepare the store by installing Promolux LED lights that extend the shelf life of perishable products.

Create a fresh juice recipe

Creating a fresh juice recipe capturing varying flavors is important. The recipe should be made depending on the available fruits within a given season. A ready recipe helps in saving time required for juice preparation especially when the demand will increase. In order to rise above the competition, come up with unique flavors that are not commonly prepared in surrounding grocery stores. Some of the unique fresh juice flavors include:

  • Strawberry-carrot flavor
  • Orange flavor
  • Banana flavor
  • Pineapple flavor
  • Watermelon-acai flavor
  • Peach flavor
Prepare and market the juice

Once the recipe is ready it is time to prepare the fresh juice and introduce it to customers. The fact that the fresh juice is a new brand in your supermarket, you need to market it. Giving free juice offers to regular customers in your supermarket is a powerful marking strategy for the new fresh juice brand. Also, place fresh juice in a display case positioned near the cashier counter. Grab customers’ attention by using Promolux LED showcase lighting. Note that these lights do not change the nutritional value of fresh fruit juice.

Improve Your Supermarket Sales Through Quality Lighting

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Up to 20% of groceries purchased in the average household are bought on impulse. Visually tantalizing produce and an illuminated ambience will ensure that customers are tempted to purchase more and more in your supermarket. Quality supermarket lighting is a paramount investment when ensuring that your produce appears fresh and delectable. With the correct lighting, the natural color and textures of your supermarket’s goods will flourish and allure everyone, therefore increasing impulse sales.

Achieving a great produce visual through quality lighting

Lighting that enhances the natural color of your goods will allow them to appear their very best. How your produce appears is the primary deciding factor of how well it will sell. Color, appearance and freshness are the key components in a customer’s decision to buy. Preeminent lighting will set your products apart from your competitors, allowing its natural colors and appearance to shine. Thousands of supermarkets globally, rely on Promolux lighting to accomplish highly saturated, rich, and vibrant colors and natural appearance with their supermarket food display lighting.

Watch out for harmful ultraviolet light

The freshness of your consumable goods is a significant factor in your sales. Unfortunately, many lighting manufacturers do not take into consideration the harmful effects that ultraviolet light can have on fresh food. When searching for a supermarket lighting manufacturer, it is crucial that the company also concentrates on the shelf-life of your goods. Promolux’s series of LED and fluorescent lights are designed to reduce ultraviolet radiation onto the supermarket’s products, therefore prolonging freshness and quality in the goods. Produce that stays fresh for a longer duration will save your company money and will also keep your shoppers satisfied.

Illumination throughout the store

Proper illumination throughout the entire store is equally as important as your supermarket display lighting. A comfortable and inviting supermarket ambiance will attract both new and returning shoppers. Good lighting in your supermarket gives the establishment an inviting and open and atmosphere, similar to an outdoor market. It also allows customers to see exactly what they are buying, therefore allowing them to ensure your admirable food quality prior to making their purchase.

Is great lighting energy efficient?

Another driving factor that can potentially save you money or cost you additional funds in the long run is how energy efficient your supermarket lighting is. When choosing the right lighting company for your supermarket’s illumination needs, energy efficiency needs to be a deciding factor. Quality lighting for your food showcase and the aisles of your store will increase sales; but do not counteract your success by wasting money on expensive energy bills. Instead, take into consideration the energy usage that some lighting brands are known for. Promolux lighting is an example of a brand that is reputable and well functioning yet energy efficient. Increasing sales while saving money on energy bills is an excellent benefit.

Having illuminated supermarket aisles filled with fresh produce on display with highly saturated, vibrant colors is bound to draw in shoppers. Spectacular produce that is continuously fresh, even under the great display lighting is what will keep your customers returning. Ensuring that your chosen showcase lighting is also of high quality and energy efficiency will keep you just as happy as your customers. Make these suggested lighting changes today so that you can improve sales in your supermarket, create happier customers, and a happier you!