How to Ensure Food Safety with the Right Display Case Lighting

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The products on which supermarkets generally build their brand are fresh produce. Stores must keep their selection of fresh foods, meat products, and other products fresh, pure, bright, and healthy-looking in an effort to grow sales and earn the loyalty of their customers.

However, supermarkets often face problems due to bad lighting because it can cause the loss of nutrients and flavor; colors fade; drying of leaves; shrinkage of fruits and vegetables; premature ripening and spoilage; and can affect fresh produce and meat. Let’s take a look at how right display case lighting can ensure food safety.

The right lighting prevents decomposition

A supermarket needs accent lighting to highlight the products in different sections. Incandescent and halogen lamps are excellent options for this task but they produce heat, which is detrimental to fresh produce and meat products. These lamps also do not meet today’s codes and standards. Compact fluorescent lighting for display cases is a highly efficient alternative to incandescent bulbs, especially the ones that emit lower levels of heat and UV radiation.

The right lighting protects freshness

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the life force of a supermarket. They are the products upon which the customers assess the quality of a store. The majority of grocery shoppers will not even give a second look to unnatural looking, discolored, or washed-out food displays. Good display case lighting emits the right amount of heat and brightness that protects the freshness of these products.

The right lighting prevents damage

Leafy greens and vegetables wither and dry out easily if displayed under any kind of lighting fixture because they are very sensitive to light and heat. Most of the produce display case lighting emits infrared and ultraviolet radiation that can kick off ripening of fruits, greening of potatoes, and spoilage of other fresh food products. Less heat and light radiation means better food safety and good quality display lighting protects the fresh appearance and flavor of fresh produce.

The right lighting ensures food safety

Bad display case lighting that emits harmful radiation and bright light speeds up the decomposition of food products. These lights also emit a strong yellow and green portions of the visible spectrum that makes the products look dull, resulting in reducing consumer appeal. Food safe display lighting with a balanced color spectrum showcases different products in their natural colors.

How can Promolux help?

Promolux Lighting has a line of display case lighting that emits less heat and UV radiation than regular retail lighting commonly found in the produce department of grocery stores or supermarkets. Their lights also have a balanced spectrum, which shows the products in their true colors and slows down the rate of decomposition in fresh produce and meat products.

Promolux food display case lighting can instantly bring new life to the natural colors of fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, and meat products. They are much safer than conventional fluorescent lighting. Along with other options, the lights have longer life and high quality color rendering option, saving the costs of lighting replacement and trimming produce displays that can account for major retail losses.

Save Your Perishable Goods from Premature Decaying Using a Specialty LED Lighting System

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When it comes to renovating your supermarket to render it an agreeable feel for the customers, proper lighting can go a long way in guaranteeing success. Strategically placed supermarket lighting can be used to grant an aura of freshness to perishable goods, kindle a product purchase, generate a shopping pattern, provide a pleasant ambiance, or simply to provide a visual hierarchy to direct the gaze of the customer to the “must see” items. These are the key areas where the store owners aspire to portray their food in a way that distinguishes their store from the contenders and create impulse purchases. It is, therefore, imperative that prudent thought and insight is invested into the design of lighting up-front and the kind of supermarket lighting to use should be dependent on ample research.

While the entire supermarket interior is dictated by the lighting pattern employed, the perishable produce display case lighting is of utmost importance. Most perishable products lack artificial luster and are uneven in shape, which makes them harder to define by light. In addition, the shelf life of perishable produce can be greatly affected due to the light waves, heat radiated by light, or even the ultraviolet rays. Most products, such as potatoes, change state in effect to display case lighting, and should be kept in the dark to enhance their life.

Choosing a specialty display case lighting system for your grocery store boosts sales and enhances the customer satisfaction factor for your store, making them more apt to choose you over competitors. However, retailers learn how to balance the tradeoff between the havoc radiations can wreak on their goods and the signature ambiance created by the use of supermarket lighting that draws the customers in like magnets! They achieve this through the ground-breaking innovation of LED lighting system.

Using LED lighting

As LED lighting is all the rage in the contemporary era, especially among the hygiene enlightened circles, retailers have discovered their innumerable benefits within the fragile supermarket refrigerated environment. A viable LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting system, such as the Promolux LED lighting system, boosts the discerning ability of the displayed products, while alleviating the temperature to an optimum to ensure the integrity of perishable goods.

LEDs are safer to use, durable, and lend a sumptuously fresh sparkle to many perishable products. A viable LED grocery lighting system helps preserve the natural nutritional value of perishable food substances, such as fruits, juices, vegetables, and meat. They also make for perfect seafood display case lighting, as they avert the meat from giving off a putrid stench or changing color and flavor, since they thwart the bacterial growth that leads to a premature decaying of meat. An inferior lighting system, on the other hand, raises the temperature of the isles, thus aggravating moisture and humidity. This creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which is responsible for rotting and depletion of flavor. Using Promolux LED lamps in your food display cases allows you to extend the shelf life of your produce and generate more sales.

How to Select the Best Lighting for Your Supermarket

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Most people tend to generalize all types of lights without understanding that each kind has a purpose. Before you can select the right lighting for your facility, you must realize that all lighting not made to be the same.

Especially when you choose fluorescent or LED lighting, you need to understand that each one is created to serve better in one area more than others. Given the vast range of options, selecting lighting for your supermarket will not be easy. Below are some simple guidelines which will help you choose the right option.

Primarily, your search should be focused on either fluorescent or LED lighting made by Promolux. In fact, the task is not choosing one over another, but deciding where you will affix LEDs and where you will opt for fluorescent lighting. Generally, LED lights are used in processing areas and warehouse while fluorescent lights are used in packaging zones and employee offices.

Reasons to choose Promolux LED lighting

Even though food manufacturers initially rejected LED lights because of its high pricing, prices have lowered significantly and companies are embracing the energy-efficient lighting solution.

Because the lights are dimmable, they are used in different warehouses. The LED lighting for warehouses often has motion detectors in the light fixtures. This sensor signals the lighting to brighten when the forklifts move down the aisles. After the trucks pass, the lights dim again. This ability to dim the lights is great for cost efficiency.

Another advantage of using food LED lighting is the longer lamp life. They can last as long as 10 years whereas you may have to change fluorescent bulbs every 2 years. Because of this, you can install lights in places in your supermarket which are harder to reach. You can place it over equipment and not worry about having to change it very often.

Along with better lamp life and surprisingly low maintenance cost, LED lights can also stand cool conditions. In fact, these lights work better in cold environment such as freezer warehouse. Fluorescent lights, on the other hand, are very sensitive to extreme temperature drops.

Reasons to choose Promolux fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent lighting is still everyone’s favorite go-to lighting option. One of the main reasons behind this liking is its lower cost. As it saves about 30 to 40% in general, it is every budget-conscious warehouse owner’s selection.

Usually, fluorescent lights are used in areas such as office of the supermarket where there are less food items. It is not the right choice for production and processing units. It can be installed in packaging area as the food will be less exposed there.

One thing you must consider is that fluorescent lighting has short lamp life. You might have to change the bulbs frequently, thus disrupting operations and increasing cost. Do not select lighting for your supermarket based on the cost associated but choose the right lights for the right places of the facility.