Combat Meat Wastage in Your Supermarket by using Promolux Lighting

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Discoloration, dehydration, and harsh effects on food safety are all issues that supermarkets face due to the levels of ultraviolet radiation in meat display lighting. High quality meat showcase lighting is fundamental to a flourishing supermarket. It is imperative for the appearance of meat to be enhanced; yet it needs to be fresh. Appearance and freshness are the key components in a customer’s decision to buy. How can supermarkets continue to grow when facing issues of wasted meat? The solution is to decrease meat wastage with Promolux specialty retail lighting for your refrigerated display cases.

Who is Promolux?

Promolux Lighting is a pioneer of the lighting production field. Promolux is the first specialty food lighting manufacturer to provide customers with lighting technology that not only enhances the visual appearance of displayed items, but also reduces the harmful effects of UV lighting. Together with Promolux, your supermarket can tackle the obstacle of meat wastage.

Promolux technology combats food wastage

LEDs and other specialty display case lighting do not emit UV radiation by nature. Therefore, many buyers of food showcase lighting often mistakenly assume that their display lighting will not discolor or degrade perishable food. However, in most cases grocers are experience the continuous harmful effects on their fresh food stock. Promolux has pioneered special technology that reduces the levels of UV radiation in the display lighting. Therefore, food items that are illuminated under Promolux lighting last up to three days longer.

Why is meat wastage caused by UV lighting an issue?

Due to other manufacturer’s failure to reduce UV rays in their lighting, many grocers experience a fading of their deli meat due to a photochemical reaction. The combination of oxygen, UV, and visible spectrum radiation triggers these photochemical reactions. After being exposed to photochemical reactions, the meat loses its succulent texture and vibrant original color. The meat goes dry and begins to fade. Promolux counteracts this effect by controlling the wavelengths of the rays. Doing so limits the amount of UV radiation that actually comes into contact with the meat. As a result, the shelf life of your perishable meat is extended.

Will the cost of Promolux lighting really compensate for the cost of meat loss?

The rule of “you get what you pay for” does apply with showcase lighting. Of course it is cheaper and easier to visit a local hardware store and purchase a regular display light to place it over your meats. Within a matter of days, however, the effects of the cheap lighting decision will be apparent. Your meats will discolor and lose their freshness at a rapid rate. With Promolux, not only will you save your meats, you will save your dollars in the long run. Spending less money replacing rancid meat along with the energy efficient technology of Promolux will keep money in your pocket. Hardware store lighting may be a quick fix, but investing in quality lighting is an incomparable solution in the long run for saving meats and money.

Many people undermine the significance of quality display lighting. End discoloration and meat wastage by putting your trust in a company that understands the challenges of fresh food display lighting and works to tackle them. Make the switch today and allow Promolux to assist you with the prosperity of your company.