Holiday Promotional Tips for Supermarkets

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Reliable supermarket showcase lighting is an essential promotional tool in a supermarket during any given holiday. Holidays create an opportunity for huge sales as families celebrate and have fun. It is true that competition from other supermarkets and retail stores is usually high during festive seasons. However, you can rise above the present competition by making use of aggressive promotional strategies aimed at increasing sales. In fact, sales made during prolonged festive seasons such as Christmas and Easter can transform your standalone supermarket into a well established supermarket chain. Make every holiday a huge profit making season through the following promotional tips.

Prepare a special item section

Preparing a special item section within the supermarket is a viable promotional idea. This works perfectly for holiday seasons whose celebrations spread over a couple of weeks. First, you need to monitor the trends in order to identify the items that the target community prefers to have for a fun filled celebration. Carrying out a survey a few months before the festive season is highly encouraged. Once you have identified the items, prepare a section for them within the store. For example, you can choose to have some shelves for special toys, family wear, special cookies and drinks all in one section. Once the section is complete, have it labeled and decorated to suit the holiday theme. Here, the use of Promolux LED display case lighting helps in driving traffic towards this particular section while keeping energy consumption low.

Use exterior promotional elements

Exterior promotional elements refer to the decorations and special product display to be viewed from the outside. The aim of having special product displays and decorations that are visible meters away from the supermarket is to attract new customers and inform the regular customer what is new. Decorations done with twinkling lights are ideal and unfortunately every other store is likely to use the same. The secret here is to think outside the box and come up with a unique artistic design that communicates the message to all in an enticing manner. You can make few attractive products that are essential during the holiday season visible through the glass on the front store wall with an offer attached to it. However, ensure that the products on offer have a wide profit margin. An energy efficient LED lighting system is ideal for exterior promotional elements display for enhanced visibility at low power consumption rate.

Encourage impulse buying

Customers are prone to impulse buying during holiday seasons. As a supermarket owner, you need to benefit fully from this customer’s seasonal weakness by making plans to encourage more buying. There are several ways of encouraging impulse buying for increased sales such as:

Specific amount target vouchers

Give vouchers to customers who make purchases worth a certain amount of money. For example, you can give a voucher for free wine or cake worth an attractive amount of money for purchases above $X. This encourages buyers to spend more to get a voucher for a free item.

Display bins with special items

Place display bins with packs of combined special items required for cerebration.  Sell each pack of items at a single price that helps customers to spend slightly less while ensuring that you make profit. Illuminate the bins with Promolux LED lighting for display cases.