How to Create a Small Coffee Shop within your Supermarket

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Introducing a small coffee shop with warm décor enhanced by LED retail lighting is a business idea that can bring added income into your supermarket. Apart from generating extra income, the coffee shop is a viable marketing strategy to increase the foot customer traffic into your supermarket. This may sound funny but you can transform an area of the supermarket into a powerful mini coffee shop. Alternatively, you can utilize the backyard of the supermarket to establish a coffee shop. In order to get space, explore the options you have to enable you to provide coffee to walk in customers and takeaways. Here are some practical ideas on how create a small coffee shop.

Promote relaxation and comfort

When establishing a mini coffee shop area in your supermarket, factor in relaxation and comfort. Many customers may want to sit for a few minutes as they sip coffee while discussing important matters. Place several chairs and couches that are comfortable for customers to sit on. Provide coffee tables that can allow a sizable group of people to sit around. To attract customers, install Wi-Fi for unlimited Internet access for those taking recess from work to have a cup of coffee while chatting with loved ones. LED lighting should be mounted as they provide adequate light without emitting heat that may make the customers uncomfortable.

Display baked snacks

The coffee shop can become a marketing tool for the baked products from the supermarket bakery. Display fresh baked pastries, cookies and other snacks that customers can enjoy with coffee. A good idea is to have a rear-loaded glass display case with a refrigerated section to preserve the perishable snacks. Arrange the snacks according to types and sizes but in an attractive way that makes them irresistible to the customers. Install Promolux bakery display case lighting to enhance the appearance and freshness of the displayed snacks. Customers will come in expecting to drink a cup of coffee but upon seeing the displayed yummy snacks, they are likely to make a decision to have a snack too. When one has tasted a snack from the coffee shop, they are likely to walk into the supermarket for the same baked products while buying other household goods.

Create a barista station

Creating a barista station on the counter is a great idea to evoke a sense of freshness to the customers. Note that the customers prefer to see the coffee being prepared while smelling its aroma. In this case, have the barista with the espresso equipment on the counter. This enables the employee to make coffee as the orders come in hence giving customers freshly made hot coffee. However, you need to choose the lighting system wisely as some lights may increase the temperatures in the room making the customers uncomfortable. It is advisable to use LED lighting at the counter and in the entire room as they do not emit heat. This lowers the temperature making the place comfortable for customers and staff members.

Provide vouchers

In order to market the mini-coffee shop as part of the supermarket, provide vouchers to regular customers. The vouchers should be an effort to award customers with free coffee for their loyalty. The same should be done for regular coffee customers.