How to Increase Sales in Your Supermarket’s Gift Shop

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Creating room for a gift shop in the supermarket is a lucrative business idea to encourage household items shoppers to pick a gift for their loved ones. You can have a gift shop in your supermarket, fully stocked with toys, family clothing and jewelry among others. It is advisable to create a gift shop upstairs, with the staircase to the shop being well labeled and visible from the main entrance. If space is a challenge, have the gift shop extending along the wall of the supermarket next to the cashiers’ counter. You can enhance the sales in the gift shop by practicing the following tips.

Create different gift sections

Display is an important factor that determines the sales made from a particular product. In order to make each gift category visible, it is important to create different sections depending on the type of gifts to be stocked. For example, you can create a section for newborns with a variety of baby items and clothing, a boutique, toys section and game accessories corner. If the gift shop is occupying a whole floor, it is strongly recommended to use a Promolux LED commercial lighting system. These lights create the required mood in the gift shop while giving the items on display a splendid appearance. In addition, Promolux LEDs are flattering especially when customers are trying on clothes, shoes or jewelry and looking at them in the mirror.

Customer waiting lounge

Customers coming into the gift shop are most likely to be accompanied by a friend or a relative. Others may want to sit down as they decide the type of gift they want to pick or when trying on shoes or jewelry. Therefore, make the room the best place to be by introducing a customers’ waiting lounge. Consider placing chairs if you have enough space in each section or couches to accommodate several people at a time. Ensure that the couches have cushions to bring about the required comfort for the customers. In addition, create a cozy mood in the room by using Promolux specialty LED lighting installed on the walls above or hanging from the ceiling.

Place visible adverts for gift shop

The majority of customers will walk into the supermarket for household consumable products oblivious of the existence of the gift shop. Therefore, place visible adverts for the gift shop on the outer part of the supermarket. You can have drawings on the glass front wall of the supermarket or create a showcase section along the front wall. Ensure that the adverts are visible from a distance away from the supermarket using a Promolux specialty LED lighting system.

Glass cupboard for jewelry display

Jewelry is best displayed in a short glass cupboard. The cupboard should be set at the jewelry section preferably at a corner near the gift shop entrance. The display cupboard should have a slanting design, with shelves. Arrange the jewelry according to the type and size. For example, you can have the rings and earrings on the topmost shelves followed by the necklaces and finally the bracelets. In addition, consider using the color coding style to arrange the jewels in each category. For enhanced display appearance, use Promolux specialty LED showcase lighting to illumine and brighten the jewelry.