How to Increase Wine Sales in Your Supermarket

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Mounting specialty LED display case lighting in the wine section of your supermarket can lead to increased sales. A well lit and attractively arranged wine showcase makes the section enticing hence compelling more customers to buy. The style used to display wine evokes thoughts of pleasure brought by drinking fresh quality wine. In order to increase wine sales in the supermarket, brands of most preferred wine should be visible from the inner display case and the window wine showcase. Remember that wine should be stocked in a secured section to prevent minors from accessing the alcoholic drinks. You can increase foot traffic customers for booming wine sales in the supermarket using the following strategies.

Front window wine picnic

A front window wine picnic is a unique marketing strategy that appeals to the psychology of regular customers and those walking on the street. A wine picnic showcase evokes thoughts of refreshment, romance and relaxation brought about by a glass of wine. In this case, designate a space in the front window preferably towards the extreme corner. Place a backdrop with a cool colored painting of a breathtaking natural landscape. Then, spread a table cloth and arrange a few bottles of top brand wine in the foreground. To make the picnic setting complete, add two glasses, napkins and corkscrews. If you have enough space, place a picnic basket at the extreme corner of the foreground and arrange two dishes with bright colored fruits. However, don’t overdo the fruits as you want the customers’ eyes to be caught by the wine. Use Promolux LED lighting for retail displays to make the wine picnic setting more prominent.

Mixed corks display

A display of wine in a mixture of corks can be done in the front window or inside the supermarket near the wine case. Buy a collection of varying brands of wine corks from a hobby winemaking supplier, enough to create a sea of corks. Place few bottles of the most preferred wines on the display table. Add a few classic glasses and spread the corks around the wine and glasses. Once the setting is complete, you will have bottles of wine and glasses standing in a sea of corks. Alternatively, you can use the corks to craft some wine wreathes wide enough to place several wine bottles and at least two glasses in. To make the display of wine in a sea of corks look awesome, use Promolux specialty LED display case lighting for the required brightness.

Wine platform display

A wine platform display strategy maximizes the use of visual space available in the display case reserved for wines. Remember that in the platform you will only place the best selling wine brands with a wide profit margin. It is advisable to place the wines on offer making the deal irresistible for the buyers especially during the festive seasons. Get small sized platforms, cube-shaped props and shelves with the desired height depending on the available space. Get a cool colored decorative fabric that creates the required mood and then loosely cover the props and shelves. Place a few bottles of your best selling wine brands on top and mount Promolux LED display case lighting for a breathtaking and well lit wine display.