How To Make Eye Catching Supermarket Display Cases

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In order to have increased customer traffic and sales in your supermarket, it is important to have some display case management skills. When customers walk in to your store, the first thing they see is the display case. If the items in the case are placed in a disorganized manner with poor lighting, the customers are likely to go spend their money elsewhere. Also, an attractively arranged case makes it easy for self-service whereby customers can identify and pick what they need. This reduces the number of staff members required in the supermarket hence cut down on operating costs. Make the supermarket display cases eye catching through the following easy tips.

Maintain display case cleanliness

Overall cleanliness in the supermarket builds confidence in the customers making them trust the quality of the products you provide. Remember that the products on sale in your supermarket include foods which are consumed raw and others are that are sold ready to eat. Therefore, always keep the display cases in the supermarket clean. In this case, assigning several employees to regularly check on the cases and wiping them clean when needed. For example, display cases for frozen and refrigerated items are likely to have moisture that makes them appear slightly dirty. Wiping should be done regularly to clear off the wetness. Also, keep track of the fruit and vegetable display cases to ensure that they are clean. Installing Promolux specialty LED grocery store lighting in the produce and meat sections keeps the temperature low hence clear and clean looking display cases.

Keep display cases full

Keeping the display cases full attracts customers as the products in them are prominent. A full display case communicates a message of abundance to the customers, compelling them to buy more products. When customers look at a full display case, they make a decision to buy even if they did not have initial plans of buying the particular product. In addition, a fully stocked display case enhances the appearance of the items drawing the attention of the buyers. For instance, a display case full of varying types of fruits arranged with an attractive pattern brings about a sense of freshness. Fullness of the display cases is made more attractive by Promolux LED display case lighting that brings out the best color and freshness of the products.

Make orderly product arrangement

After a busy day in the supermarket with customers coming in and out of the store, it is important to make fresh displays for the following day. This can be done after the closing hours or early in the morning, depending on staff member availability. However, the best practice is to arrange the display for less perishable items the previous evening while the highly perishable ones are arranged early in the morning. Piling up of items in the display case should be avoided as it makes the case appear disorganized and it can encourage premature decay of perishable items due to warmth build up. You can guarantee increased food safety by using Promolux LED lighting in your supermarket display cases.