How to Properly Display Perishable Items in Your Supermarket

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Displaying your grocery store products is an art that holds a purpose, a purpose to encourage consumers to purchase more. Needless to say, consumers are unlikely to purchase unappetizing goods that seem like they have gotten old from sitting all day under the harmful radiation of UV lights. Proper product placement and choosing the right equipment are just the basics. To increase your revenue, you need to pay attention to food displays, display case lighting and countless other features as well. Here’s how you can increase the shelf life of your products and lure more customers to your store.

Set up fresh food displays

Special care needs to be taken when displaying perishable food items. Use simple and creative ways to highlight color in your store. You can do thus by alternating green vegetables with brightly colored produce to engage the customers’ eyes. Instead of opting for bakery display cases with white backing, go with black so the baked goods pop out of their shelves and make a more notable visual impact on the customers. In addition, you can use brightly colored fabric to drape over your shelves to add a little extra color.

For bakery display cases, it is recommended you opt for staggered shelves and display cases that accentuate your products, allowing them to become more visible to your customers. You can also decorate your store with props and posters to garner an emotional response that will encourage consumers to purchase your products.

Use specialized lighting

Using specialized lighting will not only extend the shelf life of your products but will also enhance the color and texture of your products. Opt for Promolux lighting to make your perishable goods look better. Promolux offers a range of grocery store lighting solutions that your business can benefit from. These chemical reactions are most likely to occur in the presence of ordinary fluorescent lighting. To counteract this potential catastrophe, don’t let all your hard work go to waste and invest in Promolux lighting.

Promolux is a renowned company that provides high quality display case lighting that helps keep your perishable food items fresh and delicious. Using Promolux lighting prevents discoloration and also slows down the process of degeneration. This makes your products look fresh and new. Bakery goods are prone to undergo photochemical reactions in inferior LED lights. Do not let all your valuable food items go to waste and invest in better food displays and LED lights.

Store planning

Place all your items around the store wisely. Keep essential items, such as milk and eggs, at the farthest corners of your store so people will have to walk past tempting items to get to them. In addition, make sure you place items, such as chewing gum, candies and magazines, near the cash registers. This might compel customers to buy additional items while they are waiting in line at the cash register.

These are some ways you can display your products in a way that lures customers to them.