How to Select the Best Lighting for Your Supermarket

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Most people tend to generalize all types of lights without understanding that each kind has a purpose. Before you can select the right lighting for your facility, you must realize that all lighting not made to be the same.

Especially when you choose fluorescent or LED lighting, you need to understand that each one is created to serve better in one area more than others. Given the vast range of options, selecting lighting for your supermarket will not be easy. Below are some simple guidelines which will help you choose the right option.

Primarily, your search should be focused on either fluorescent or LED lighting made by Promolux. In fact, the task is not choosing one over another, but deciding where you will affix LEDs and where you will opt for fluorescent lighting. Generally, LED lights are used in processing areas and warehouse while fluorescent lights are used in packaging zones and employee offices.

Reasons to choose Promolux LED lighting

Even though food manufacturers initially rejected LED lights because of its high pricing, prices have lowered significantly and companies are embracing the energy-efficient lighting solution.

Because the lights are dimmable, they are used in different warehouses. The LED lighting for warehouses often has motion detectors in the light fixtures. This sensor signals the lighting to brighten when the forklifts move down the aisles. After the trucks pass, the lights dim again. This ability to dim the lights is great for cost efficiency.

Another advantage of using food LED lighting is the longer lamp life. They can last as long as 10 years whereas you may have to change fluorescent bulbs every 2 years. Because of this, you can install lights in places in your supermarket which are harder to reach. You can place it over equipment and not worry about having to change it very often.

Along with better lamp life and surprisingly low maintenance cost, LED lights can also stand cool conditions. In fact, these lights work better in cold environment such as freezer warehouse. Fluorescent lights, on the other hand, are very sensitive to extreme temperature drops.

Reasons to choose Promolux fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent lighting is still everyone’s favorite go-to lighting option. One of the main reasons behind this liking is its lower cost. As it saves about 30 to 40% in general, it is every budget-conscious warehouse owner’s selection.

Usually, fluorescent lights are used in areas such as office of the supermarket where there are less food items. It is not the right choice for production and processing units. It can be installed in packaging area as the food will be less exposed there.

One thing you must consider is that fluorescent lighting has short lamp life. You might have to change the bulbs frequently, thus disrupting operations and increasing cost. Do not select lighting for your supermarket based on the cost associated but choose the right lights for the right places of the facility.