How to set up a Supermarket Fresh Juice Corner

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Selling fresh juice is a business that most supermarket owners dread venturing into as the juice is perishable. However, this is a business venture that brings good profit returns, hence boosting over all supermarket performance. People are much aware of the health benefits of fresh juice without additives such as color, preservatives and flavors. You can make fresh juice with the quantity depending on the demand. You can easily introduce this unique business of fresh juice in your supermarket through the following steps.

Identify the niche

There are different fresh juices niches that you can prepare and sell in your supermarket. You can decide to settle for any of the following niches:

  • Bottled juices
  • Energy juice
  • Juice smoothies
  • Organic juices

Once you have identified the niche, draw up a solid business plan and come up with a brand that identifies with your supermarket. In this case, prepare a practical juice marketing strategy that will help to create awareness of the existence of the new fresh juice brand to the regular and new customers. In the business plan, include a budget for food safe lighting as it will be required for juice display purposes.

Identify reliable fruit vendors

If you have been running a grocery store in the supermarket, you can still rely on your existing vendors. However, you may need to identify new vendors to increase the variety of fruits depending on the fresh juice flavors you want to make. At this point, contact the fruit suppliers to gather information on the availability of different type of fruits depending on their specific season. This information is vital in preparing recipes and making customers aware of when a certain juice flavor is available and the alternatives. Identifying local fruit suppliers help in saving on transportation expenditures while reducing the chances of receiving less fresh fruits. Arrange for timely delivery of fruits and prepare the store by installing Promolux LED lights that extend the shelf life of perishable products.

Create a fresh juice recipe

Creating a fresh juice recipe capturing varying flavors is important. The recipe should be made depending on the available fruits within a given season. A ready recipe helps in saving time required for juice preparation especially when the demand will increase. In order to rise above the competition, come up with unique flavors that are not commonly prepared in surrounding grocery stores. Some of the unique fresh juice flavors include:

  • Strawberry-carrot flavor
  • Orange flavor
  • Banana flavor
  • Pineapple flavor
  • Watermelon-acai flavor
  • Peach flavor
Prepare and market the juice

Once the recipe is ready it is time to prepare the fresh juice and introduce it to customers. The fact that the fresh juice is a new brand in your supermarket, you need to market it. Giving free juice offers to regular customers in your supermarket is a powerful marking strategy for the new fresh juice brand. Also, place fresh juice in a display case positioned near the cashier counter. Grab customers’ attention by using Promolux LED showcase lighting. Note that these lights do not change the nutritional value of fresh fruit juice.