Ideas for Sensational Supermarket Window Displays

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Integrating powerful window display ideas with Promolux LED supermarket showcase lighting increases sales in your supermarket. Your window displays play an important role of calling customers to enter into the supermarket to see more. These customers end up making significant purchases and some refer other customers to you. This is the reason why window displays should be taken seriously in a supermarket business as a major marketing tool. Since you cannot display all the items on stock in the supermarket, displaying the best selling products is strongly recommended. Window display strategies are varied for both consumable and non-consumable products. Use the ideas below to create breathtaking window displays that will grab the attention of potential customers walking on the street.

Embrace themed displays

You should embrace themed window displays in your supermarket. Themed displays capture a particular festive season or short but important holiday. Work with the characteristics of the holiday to come up with a theme for your displays and then introduce the products you are selling in the supermarket. For example, during Christmas season, get a Santa Claus statue and dress it appropriately to provide a Santa theme on the window display. Once the theme is complete, place the best selling product brands that you wish to display in an attractive way to woo the customers. You can also display cookies and cakes placed together with wine for special celebrations such as Easter and Valentine’s Day. Engrave a message in tune with the celebration on the cake to attract more attention. Use Promolux specialty LED display case lighting to reduce energy consumption as the displays should be well lit throughout the night.

Rotational single focus

Dealing with multiple products in the supermarket can pose a marketing challenge. This is because the space available in the window area may not be enough for all the displays. In addition, displaying many items may result to overcrowding that does not appeal to potential customers. However, a rotational single focus window display strategy does the trick. In this case, display products from a single category or brands for a period of time then change to another. For example, you can decide to display products from the grocery section for two weeks, then clothes for another two weeks and then cosmetics. Promolux LED lighting for retail merchandising makes the window displays visible for several meters away from the building. Creativity is required to make the displays appealing. Also, the display style should be unique for every product category to surprise regular customers each time you focus on a different product.

Seasonal window display

Seasonal window displays for supermarkets mainly target winter, summer and spring seasons that come with major changes. In addition, the back to school season is included as it comes with increased demand for some products. During the winter season, the display should feature warm clothes, warm drinks and foods that bring warmth to the body. It is important to have some snowflakes in the background. For summer, ice-creams and milkshakes, toys, foods and clothes for warm weather are the best window display ideas. The idea is to take advantage of every season to display the most sought product brands in your window. Grab the attention of potential customers on the street by making the window display brighter using Promolux specialty LED display lighting.