Improve Your Supermarket Sales Through Quality Lighting

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Up to 20% of groceries purchased in the average household are bought on impulse. Visually tantalizing produce and an illuminated ambience will ensure that customers are tempted to purchase more and more in your supermarket. Quality supermarket lighting is a paramount investment when ensuring that your produce appears fresh and delectable. With the correct lighting, the natural color and textures of your supermarket’s goods will flourish and allure everyone, therefore increasing impulse sales.

Achieving a great produce visual through quality lighting

Lighting that enhances the natural color of your goods will allow them to appear their very best. How your produce appears is the primary deciding factor of how well it will sell. Color, appearance and freshness are the key components in a customer’s decision to buy. Preeminent lighting will set your products apart from your competitors, allowing its natural colors and appearance to shine. Thousands of supermarkets globally, rely on Promolux lighting to accomplish highly saturated, rich, and vibrant colors and natural appearance with their supermarket food display lighting.

Watch out for harmful ultraviolet light

The freshness of your consumable goods is a significant factor in your sales. Unfortunately, many lighting manufacturers do not take into consideration the harmful effects that ultraviolet light can have on fresh food. When searching for a supermarket lighting manufacturer, it is crucial that the company also concentrates on the shelf-life of your goods. Promolux’s series of LED and fluorescent lights are designed to reduce ultraviolet radiation onto the supermarket’s products, therefore prolonging freshness and quality in the goods. Produce that stays fresh for a longer duration will save your company money and will also keep your shoppers satisfied.

Illumination throughout the store

Proper illumination throughout the entire store is equally as important as your supermarket display lighting. A comfortable and inviting supermarket ambiance will attract both new and returning shoppers. Good lighting in your supermarket gives the establishment an inviting and open and atmosphere, similar to an outdoor market. It also allows customers to see exactly what they are buying, therefore allowing them to ensure your admirable food quality prior to making their purchase.

Is great lighting energy efficient?

Another driving factor that can potentially save you money or cost you additional funds in the long run is how energy efficient your supermarket lighting is. When choosing the right lighting company for your supermarket’s illumination needs, energy efficiency needs to be a deciding factor. Quality lighting for your food showcase and the aisles of your store will increase sales; but do not counteract your success by wasting money on expensive energy bills. Instead, take into consideration the energy usage that some lighting brands are known for. Promolux lighting is an example of a brand that is reputable and well functioning yet energy efficient. Increasing sales while saving money on energy bills is an excellent benefit.

Having illuminated supermarket aisles filled with fresh produce on display with highly saturated, vibrant colors is bound to draw in shoppers. Spectacular produce that is continuously fresh, even under the great display lighting is what will keep your customers returning. Ensuring that your chosen showcase lighting is also of high quality and energy efficiency will keep you just as happy as your customers. Make these suggested lighting changes today so that you can improve sales in your supermarket, create happier customers, and a happier you!