Improve Your Supermarket’s Floral Displays with Promolux Specialty Retail Lighting

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With the floral season approaching, flowers and plants are on display in every boutique and flower shop on numerous streets. What is it that makes some arrangements gleam while others appear mediocre? The display case lighting that glimmers upon your floral arrangements will boost or diminish the appearance of your displays. Learn how to improve the floral displays in your supermarket so that they practically sell themselves.

Cheap fluorescent lighting

Are you guilty of installing cheap fluorescent lighting above your beautiful floral arrangements? Stunningly fresh flowers deserve an angelic glow beaming down on them. Cheap fluorescent lighting is an element that can minimize the natural beauty of floral arrangements on display in your supermarket. Cheap fluorescent lighting causes the colors to appear diminished and faded. When shopping for lighting, you want the quality of the light to enhance the colors of the arrangements. Flowers are naturally beautiful and healthy flowers should look bright. Do not take away from the natural beauty with lighting that will make the plants look less appealing. Instead, opt for Promolux’s quality display case lighting.

All about Promolux

Who are Promolux and what are they about? Promolux is a high quality manufacturer of specialty retail display lighting. Promolux specializes in visual satisfaction as well as product display safety. Promolux is a key pioneer in the lighting-manufacturing field. Promolux is the first company to develop an energy efficient light technology that uses both deluxe color rendering and a reduction of harmful ultraviolet radiation. When using this brand’s lighting, you will instantly see a decrease in your energy bill and an increase in color and visual appeal in the products on display.

Visual advantage of Promolux

Promolux lamps are not only high quality, but they also have an extraordinary balanced color spectrum, which will greatly enhance the bright and vivid colors of every flower in each of your displays. Promolux uses true color rendering in every light model that they create, meaning that every arrangement that rests below a Promolux display case lighting system will be elevated to its highest visual potential. Promolux limits the amount of UV radiation that impacts your flowers, meaning that your flowers will stay fresher for a longer period of time. No more quickly wilted plants and flowers when using Promolux.

Properly illuminating the floral section

Proper illumination throughout the entire floral section is equally as important as it would be in any other section of the supermarket. Shoppers need to be able to clearly see what they are buying. Also, a comfortable and inviting floral ambiance will attract both new and returning shoppers. Proper lighting in will give you floral department an inviting and fresh and atmosphere, similar to an outdoor market.

Make a huge impact during the floral season with your colorful and healthy floral arrangements. Let everyone know that your flowers are here to stay with an immaculate lighting appeal. With quality lighting from Promolux Lighting, your flowers will draw in shoppers from all around. Make the switch today to see an instant improvement!