Increase Your Food And Beverage Safety with Proper Display Case Lighting

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Food waste represents approximately 40% of the total food production, according to the National Resource Defense Council. The supermarket industry is a competitive field and every dollar counts. Is your company guilty of significant amounts of wasted food and beverage consumables? There is a plausible chance that your commercial lighting is the cause of a lot wasted food. Keep more money in your pocket by reviewing the amount of wasted food that your store is producing due to the refrigerated display case lighting that your products rest under.

How can display lighting possibly cause harm to stocked items?

Many supermarket owners and managers are unaware of the significance of appropriate display case lighting. Most food showcase lighting does not naturally void ultraviolet radiation or its effects. Ultraviolet radiation in display case lighting is very dangerous to fresh food, especially meats and cheeses, causing them to discolor and spoil within hours. Many supermarkets often mistakenly assume that their display lighting will not discolor or degrade perishable food. However, in most cases grocers are experiencing the continuous harmful effects on their fresh food stock. If you find that your supermarket’s meat and beverages spoil or lose color and texture within a few hours, your showcase lighting could be the cause. With proper commercial lighting from Promolux, your stock will last several days longer than it would under faulty showcase lighting.

Frozen food is not safe from harm either

If you believe that frozen stock, such as fish and seafood, is safe from harm’s way, think again. Just like fresh meats, frozen meats and seafood dehydrate and go bad under lighting that emits ultraviolet radiation. Fish packaged incorrectly or in damaged packaging will encounter harmful effects even sooner than those that are packaged correctly. Quality display case lighting is paramount for both fresh and frozen goods to maintain a healthy food safety environment for your products.

Watch out for effects on beverages

Not only is food at risk of falling below food health standards, but some beverages are also at risk; particularly beer, wine, milk and fruit juices. Very shortly after exposure to ultraviolet radiation in some lit showcases; beer, wine, milk, and juices will become “light struck”, causing them to go rancid. Fruit juices and milk will go sour and loose all of their vital nutrients. Beer and wine, especially white wine will lose its original flavors and go foul. Beverages that are contained in clear glass bottles are the most prone to this disastrous outcome.

The solution is…

If display case lighting and showcase lighting pose such harm to foods and beverages, what can be done? Although commercial lighting can be a significant threat to the food and beverage industry, it can also be a saving grace. Grocers must purchase proper supermarket display lighting from companies such as Promolux, who specialize in extending the shelf life of your consumable products. Promolux uses its food safe technology to ensure that lower levels of ultraviolet radiation are emitted by the showcase lighting. Therefore, your display remains both appealing and safe.

Tackle the downfall of ruined meats, cheeses, frozen seafood, and beverages by upgrading your company’s lighting to Promolux food safe lighting. Increasing food and beverage safety benefits your company, the food production industry, and your shoppers. 40% of food production ends up in the garbage: allow your company to do its part to lower the amount of wasted goods.