Supermarket Seafood Display Ideas

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Promolux’s LED supermarket food display lighting options make it possible to stock fresh seafood for longer periods in the supermarket. Having seafood on sale in your supermarket enhances the shopping experience of the customers as they can get all household products under one roof. However, you need a well planned display strategy that promotes sales of your seafood while always keeping them fresh. Seafood products are sensitive to heat and contamination as they are highly perishable. You can build the reputation of your supermarket by displaying the seafood products in an attractive and hygienic manner that keeps your clients coming back for more. Here are some display ideas that make seafood a fast moving commodity in your supermarket.

Display in a cold bin

In order to make great sales from seafood products, display them in a cold bin. Remember that for fish to sell, it must look and smell fresh. Therefore, arrange the fish in layers but making part of every fish visible. Placing fish in a cold display bin is not enough, as you need to regulate the temperature not to rise above the required levels. An increase in temperature can be caused by use of the wrong lighting system that generates heat. When the temperature goes slightly high, warmth in the display bin increases encouraging bacterial growth. This makes the fish in the display bins develop an undesirable odor and start decaying. To avoid this, it is advisable to install a Promolux deli display case lighting system as the lights emit less heat that does not impact on the needed temperature in the display bins.

Arrange by color

Mixing all colors of seafood in one bin makes the display quite disorganized. Avoid the obvious way of displaying seafood according to the types and adopt a more unique method of displaying them by color. In this case, arrange the seafood with the same color partially layered up one after the other and then create a beautiful transition with another color. You can alternate dull colors with bright ones while creating a pattern. To crown your display, illumine the bins with lights to make each color prominent. The choice of a lighting system is important as some lights may cause a color change in the seafood, making them appear less fresh. A seafood display case lighting system using Promolux LEDs is highly recommended for an attractive bright colored and fresh looking seafood display.

Create varying dimensions

Piling up all the seafood products in one corner of the display case and leaving the rest of space empty will put customers off. Therefore, utilize all the space available in the case to spread the products fully. Here, create the banner effect by filling the display case with abundantly spread products. If the display case has shelves, use them to develop varying dimensions while still retaining the arrangement by the color method. In this case, you can have lighter colored seafood products on the upper shelves while the dark colored ones occupy the lower shelves. Supply adequate light to improve the appearance of the fish in the display case. Prolonged freshness is achieved by ensuring seafood shelf life extension using Promolux LED display lights.