The Art of Creating Attractive Seafood Displays in Your Supermarket

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A creative seafood display case can greatly entice customers to stop and steal a glance at the seafood products offered by your supermarket. While impeccable service and top-notch quality wins content customers over the long term, it is actually the seafood display that actually draws the customer in or attracts them when they are merely planning to buy bread and milk. Generating impulse sales is what a well-crafted seafood display case can garner for you.

A well-depicted and decked out seafood display case can foster a very positive and fresh image that elucidates the entire supermarket’s perishable image in a positive light. Here are some dos and don’ts to follow when it comes to designing and decorating the refrigerated seafood display case:

  • The key is to disengage and view the seafood display case from the viewpoint of the customer. Lie or shingle fillets and steaks to flaunt the best edging, facing, or best side towards the customer. For instance, the red meat side of salmon should be shingled facing the customer, while the skin edge should be set facing away from the customer. In addition, specialty seafood display case lighting should be prudently located to enhance the appearance and hues of the fish.
  • To craft a charming pallet of colors, the products should be set out intermittently to provide contrast and make the display case stand out. Five white fillets placed together make a bland picture, but placing orange salmon fillets in the center of tilapia and white cod fillets would instantly boost their appeal due to the striking contrast, and make them pleasant to human eyes. By also incorporating Promolux LED lighting for seafood display cases, you will further enhance the aesthetics of the setting and make the products visually attractive even from afar.
  • You can employ direction and texture to break up the display monotony and craft eye-catching patterns. This is especially beneficial when you don’t have a wide array of colors to work with. For instance, you can start with setting the cod fillets in long vertical rows in the display case, facing toward the customer, then tilapia fillets can be placed next to the cod horizontally. The contrast in their textures would make both the items stand out more.
  • The right lighting at the right places can enhance the aesthetics of the entire display and bring out the most flattering colors in the produce. However, these high end, but perishable, seafood products are highly sensitive to temperature and are prone to go bad if placed under inferior lighting. Thus, if these display cases are outfitted with regular display lights, which emit high levels of IR and UV radiation, especially in the UV-B and UV-A range, all your efforts would go down the drain. These emissions enhance the surface temperature of seafood leading to accelerated spoilage, and increasing the rate at which the products will lose their freshness, emit unpleasant odor, and discolor. Promolux LED display case lighting systems are the most appropriate for displaying perishable items. Make sure that your seafood display cases only incorporate Promolux LED lighting for fresh food display cases in order to enhance the shelf life of your seafood products and retain their freshness.