The Effects of Poor Lighting in the Workplace

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The cost of maintaining a successful business can be very time consuming and expensive. For a building that relies heavily on electricity, the bill can be shocking. Some offices and supermarkets attempt to save money on the utility bill by making shortcuts on electricity and the commercial lighting. This can be a poor mistake for the health of your employees.

Eye strain

Having eyestrain is a very excruciating feeling. Strained eyes tend to be irritated, red, or dry. Straining of the eyes can cause stress and other eye related issues. The quality of your vision may deteriorate if you spend too much time in a commercial setting all day with poor lighting. Good lamps should be used provide you with a sufficient amount of light.

Increased level of error

Bad lighting puts a lot of strain on the eyes, which can cause headaches. When an individual is working in a room with poor lighting, their eyes have to work twice as hard. This is the reason that headaches may occur. All of this can lead to employees feeling fatigue and exhaustion. The human eye cannot always properly estimate the shape, proximity and the depth of spaces and objects around them without proper lighting. Bad lighting can cause accidents in the workplace. It is very critical to have proper lighting in workplaces, especially in areas where high concentration is paramount.

Effects on general well-being

Lighting affects the company’s general ambiance and the general well-being of the staff. Dark rooms tend to affect people’s perception of working environment and lower their work satisfaction, also making employees feel sleepy. Office spaces with lighting on the walls and desks are more enjoyable and relaxing to work in, while offices with poor lighting may seem daunting, depressing, and stressful. Employers should invest in proper lighting solutions in order to create a positive working environment.

Effects in supermarkets

If your business is a supermarket, you must be aware of the additional effects that poor lighting may cause: Some results even leading to customer loss. If your supermarket lighting is dim and poor, customers will not be drawn to shop there. Instead, opt for quality lighting. Quality lighting amongst your food display and the aisles of your store will increase sales, as opposed to a poorly lit building. Having illuminated supermarket aisles filled with fresh produce on display with highly saturated, vibrant colors is bound to draw in shoppers.

Whether it be a corporate office, retail store, or a supermarket; quality lighting is a key to a comfortable and inviting work setting. When choosing the right lighting manufacturer for your company’s illumination needs, energy efficiency should probably be a deciding factor. If you purchase lighting that is both high quality and energy efficient, you will not have to make shortcuts on lighting to save money. Instead of trying to make due with shortcuts, consider Promolux specialty LED lighting to light your company’s building. LEDs are low cost, high quality, and also energy efficient. Do yourself, your customers, and your employees a favor by investing in good lighting.