The Harmful Effects of Bad Showcase Lighting on Your Business

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If you run a supermarket of a grocery store, you must know the importance of the right showcase lighting. Bad display case lighting can cause surface heating, result in discoloration, oxidation of food borne pathogen growth and initiate other photochemical processes. Here’s a detailed guide to the harmful effects of bad show case lighting on your business.

Causes photochemical reactions

If you want all your perishable products, such as fresh meats and produce, to look mouthwatering and delicious, you need to boost their visual appeal. Unfortunately, many supermarket owners do harm to their own business by opting for low-priced, inferior quality lighting. The combination of oxygen and harmful ultraviolet radiation can initiate photochemical reactions in your perishable items. In baked goods, decorative icing products and other items that contain dairy ingredients are most susceptible to photochemical reactions.

This is mainly because intense exposure to inferior display lighting can cause the protein molecules in the icing to break down and degenerate. This results in a foul burnt flavor that can cause your customers to say goodbye for good just after taking one bite. These chemical reactions are most likely to occur in the present of ordinary fluorescent lighting. To counteract this catastrophe, don’t let all your hard work go to waste and invest in Promolux specialty retail lighting.

Promolux Lighting is a renowned company that provides high quality display case lighting that helps keep your items fresh and delicious. Using Promolux lighting will make your perishable products look better and it only releases minimal amount of harmful ultraviolet radiation. In addition, it uses less energy and lasts twice as long as ordinary fluorescent light bulbs. This actually helps you cut costs in the long run. Keep in mind that perishable goods which are sensitive to heat and strong lighting significantly benefit from Promolux lighting as it is the safest and most sustainable lighting solution for food displays.

Makes food items look unappetizing

If you spend hours baking cakes and pies for your baking business, the last thing you would want is for your baked goods to look unappetizing due to bad lighting. Keep in mind your customers are only going to buy what they see. If that strawberry cake you baked appears gooey and unappetizing, your customers are most likely going to head over to a different store.

Save yourself the trouble and invest in specialized bakery display case lighting. Specialty bakery lighting will enhance the natural color of your baked goods and allow them to appear in their best form. Bad lighting initiates photochemical reactions which in turn distort the color and appearance of your baked goods. Say no to bad showcase lighting and opt for Promolux.

The initial cost for Promolux is worth every penny you spend. The sustainable lights are sure to last longer than any of those low-priced options available online, helping your business boost revenue and profit.