The Importance of Specialty Lighting for Meat Display Cases

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Whether you run a butcher shop or are supervising the deli counter at a supermarket, working with meat can be messy business. Intense and harmful radiation emitted by inferior lighting can lead to faster meat discoloration so if you are passionate about providing good quality meat to your customers and do not want all your fine cuts to go to waste, it is imperative you pay attention to proper meat display lighting to boost sales and have more happy and satisfied customers.

Meat discoloration

No customer would want to buy discolored meat. Discolored meat looks unappetizing and unnatural, so the more light you shine on it, the quicker its appearance will degrade, resulting in declining sales. With increased exposure to harmful radiation, a couple of chemicals present in the meat, namely oxymyoglobin and myoglobin, start oxidizing, forming a brown or grey pigment. As the light rays continue to illuminate, the fresh meat’s appealing pink bloom is slowly replaced by an unappetizing brown and grey appearance.

What’s the solution?

Unsold meat is never good news. Luckily for you, all you have to do is to alter your grocery store lighting, or more specifically your meat display lighting, to suit your display items. The best option in this regard is to use Promolux specialty retail lighting for merchandising displays to make perishable products look more attractive. Promolux Lighting offers a range of grocery store lighting solutions to help your display items look fresh and delectable for longer periods of time. Their range of products includes fresh meat display case lighting that utilizes full balanced spectrum technology to minimize discoloration and help your products look fresh by extending their shelf life.

Specialty fresh meat display case and showcase lighting decreases the rate of discoloration by using LED lights that do not emit UV radiation and don’t have too many harmful effects.

Why is it so important?

Technically, discoloration caused by lighting does not present any sort of hygiene or health issue but it does keep customers from buying the product. Apart from that, consumers head over to the fresh food areas looking for “fresh food”, so catching sight of a discolored piece of meat is sure to put off any customer and might even reduce consumer loyalty in the long run. You can easily tackle this solution by opting for Promolux’s line of specialty meat display lighting. More than any other product, consumers rely on the visual appearance of meat to determine its freshness and quality, so if your products do not look pink and healthy, consumers are likely not to buy it.

In addition, using harmful lighting to display food items, especially meat, can cause increased growth of bacteria, such as salmonella and listeria. This is because intense radiation causes the surface temperature of displayed goods to rise, which leads to the growth of bacteria and harmful pathogens.

Opt for Promolux Lighting’s specialty lighting for your food display cases and you will never have to worry about unsold meat products due to discoloration and a host of other problems.