Top 3 Flower Display Techniques for Supermarkets

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People like to buy flowers to add beauty while communicating a message of good will on different occasions. Therefore, the floral section in the supermarket should wow the customers when they walk in. The techniques you use to display the flowers should reveal your professionalism and knowledge about flowers. Well displayed flowers draw the attention of potential buyers while acting as a strategy to woo impulse buyers. Here are floral display techniques that will increase flower sales in your supermarket.

Themed flower display

People use flowers to communicate a specific sentimental message to their loved ones. To make this a marketing strategy for your flowers, introduce tags with varying messages that will make the flowers relevant for different occasions. For example, you can prepare tags with messages of love, friendship, and strength. Be creative in coming up with appealing words that communicate to the heart of the recipient and that will compel customers to buy the flowers. Once the message tags are ready, arrange single flowers and bouquets. When preparing the bouquets, use the color combinations that bring about the desired theme. Attach a tag with the appropriate message to each of the single flowers and bouquets. Enhance the visual appearance of the flowers and the readability of the message tags by placing them in cases that are properly lit with Promolux LED floral display case lighting.

Wall mounted flower display

In the supermarket, you may not have enough space to showcase all the flower types available. Remember that you have only one section allocated for flowers in the effort to make the supermarket a one stop shopping center. However, you can still display the mix and match bouquet by selecting single flowers and placing them in plastic vases. Mount the plastic vases with flower bouquets on the wall making them to hang outwards at a 45 degree angle. In order to make the flowers more visible, mount pendant LED display case lighting on the ceiling next to the wall. LEDs do not emit heat that can ruin the freshness of your flowers or distort their original colors. Instead, they enhance the appearance of flowers, while keeping them bright and fresh.

Front window showcase

Having a front window flower showcase is a marketing strategy used to attract customers walking on the streets. Therefore, the front window strategy should be used along with other interior flower showcase styles. The type of flowers and style of showcasing them matter a lot as you want to build confidence in customers that they can get the best flowers from your supermarket. In this case, do not just throw flowers in a vase, but rather arrange the best selling flowers in an artistic style. Also, change the style and color combinations every three weeks to create a sense of variety for the regular customers. During special seasons such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, place special offers in the front window to increase flower buying traffic in your supermarket.  Maintain the freshness and extend the shelf life of the front window display by using Promolux specialty LED display case lighting.