Top 3 Must-have Sections in a Supermarket

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When running a supermarket, you can have increased food safety by using Promolux lamps. These LED and fluorescent lamps can be mounted in different major sections within the supermarket. In order to have increased traffic into your supermarket, you need to put in place sections for consumable goods. The sections should be fully stocked with foodstuffs that sustain households. Apart from the fresh consumable products, you need to have a gift section whereby the customers can pick gifts for their loved ones. This creates a great shopping experience for customers as they can get all the essential products they need in your supermarket. Depending on your business plan, you can have varying sections in the supermarket. However, below are several a must-have sections to keep customer traffic high all the times.

Deli and bakery section

Deli and bakery sections provide hot and fresh products to customers. You can choose to have the deli and bakery in one extended section or two separate sections for hot foods. In the deli sub-section, make deli meat and varying types of cheese available. In this section, you can have fresh sandwiches and food assortments for takeaways. On the other hand, create a bakery sub-section, for fresh hot oven baked items. Ensure that you have a wide variety of cookies, bread and different sized cakes. Investing in experienced chefs is essential for quality daily made fresh products. To increase the sales, provide weekly specials with attractive offers as well as the themed displays for festive seasons. Note that installing Promolux bakery display case lighting makes the displayed products appear fresh and simply irresistible.

Dairy and frozen products section

The dairy and frozen products section is important for essential food substances supply to customers. Dairy products such as milk and other related products require low temperatures to remain fresh for longer periods of time. In the same way, frozen products like ice cream, require ice displays to prevent melting. Therefore, you can create a sub-section for dairy products that do not need to be keep frozen and another sub-section for frozen food substances next to each other. In the dairy section, you can have organic fat free products to communicate to your customers that you care about their health. Use Promolux dairy display case lighting to reduce energy consumption while keeping the products fresh and attractively displayed.

Meat and fresh produce section

When you create meat and produce display sections in the same corner, you make it easy for customers to access the products. Also, this increases sales through impulse buying as the customers in need of meat are likely to pick fruits or vegetables that they had not planned to buy in the first place. The produce section should be divided into two, one side for fresh vegetables and the other for fruits. The section should have a cooling system to prolong the shelf life of the products. In the meat section, you should have a refrigerator designed with a glass display case. Use of Promolux meat display lighting keeps your meat fresh for extended periods.